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Soups and Salads

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Noodles and Quick meals

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Main fare

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Thai fare

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Desserts and Drinks

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Contains capsicum

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Gluten free (or optionally can be made gluten free)

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Onion and Garlic

All our food (with the exception of the following, also pictured below) do not have onion or garlic. In some of these dishes, it can be removed.

  • M13, Crispy fillets has garlic in the dipping sauce, other sauces can be used
  • S2 & Q7, Tom Yaam, have a minor amount of garlic in the tom-yaam-paste which cannot be removed
  • T2, Green curry has a minor amount of garlic in the paste which cannot be removed
  • T3, Red curry has a minor amount of garlic in the paste which cannot be removed
  • T5, T6 and T7 all use onions which can be easily removed

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Nuts can be found in the following menu items (and pictured below), most can be replaced

  • E7, Chips, fried in peanut oil but can be fried in sunflower also
  • S4 and S5 (non-raw salads) both have peanuts and cashew nuts.
  • M12, Jewels of the sea have pine-nuts, which can be removed
  • T1, Phad Thai uses peanuts which can be removed
  • T7 and T8 both have cashew nuts which can be removed

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Mock/Fake meat (all vegan)

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In preparing our vegan cuisine we do not use any added MSG; but some of the food may be naturally occurring or already within the sauces/ingredients we use and not labelled. The tom-yaam soups in particular may have msg in the Thai paste.


All our vegan food is 100% plant-based. No animal products including dairy, honey, etc. Our GF meals may contain traces of gluten. If you have special needs, please advise our staff prior to ordering. Code: GF = Gluten Free, GFO = GF option available, OG = has Onion & Garlic, MM = Mock Meat (can be removed)

  • We do take-away, cater for parties, social group meetings or any type of event.  Our restaurant is available for private functions (55 seats) and we can also deliver to your venue (for large orders).
  • As part of our vegan food range we also sell, frozen meals, mock-meat vegan-protein, pastries, and dog/cat food.
  • Banquets, raw food and special vegan menu’s are available on request


We often get asked why we have a vegan menu, apart from the obvious; that we are a vegan cuisine restaurant. Our vegan menu is primarily designed to reduce the effects of climate change. Some people are vegetarian or vegan for compassionate reasons, some for spiritual and some for health. Regardless of the reason, we would like everybody to replace as much of their non-vegan food with vegan, as is possible.

The United Nations have said over 50% of all green-house gases come from livestock production. Think about it, the Amazon now is being cleared not for meat (directly) but to grow soy to feed pigs in China and elsewhere. How much land must be cleared to grow feed for animals, which in turn feed humans. Hundreds of UN scientists came up with this figure after the long-shadow report which originally stated only %18. So, if we want to stop global temperatures rising by 2-5 degrees, scientists say we must reduce carbon and other green-house gases to 1990 levels, which is about a 50% reduction.

Guess what? Just by the whole world going vegan we can do it almost overnight…no cost, no changes to industry and it buys time for scientists to come up with technological solutions for sustainable energy/living. Farmers can be paid to grow other crops, livestock workers can be re-employed doing other jobs or working in vegan establishments. A whole new industry would be created to make new vegan products, our health care system would repair itself because fewer people would get sick….so, are you doing your bit for the planet? Vegan food is the way!