Give yourself some love

Posted by on 22 May 2013 in Customer testimonials | 0 comments

¬†Have a read of this Loving Hut Review from a what to do on the weekend type of site. We’ve had many reviews about our restaurant, from Google+, Urban spoon, facebook and many other social media sites. What makes Aloo’s review different is she gets it! I mean, she gets what we are about, one single word, Love ¬† So, come visit and give yourself some love   The review reads “Loving Hut is all about love. Love of the earth, peace and prosperity. Love of self and health. Love of local produce, tradition and talent. And of course, love and care of food. So it is no wonder that you feel the love when you enter. It has a calm ambience. The staff have a gentle nature and nothing is too much trouble. The outside world seems far away as you sit inside and look out into Victoria Street.” Our founder originally started Loving Hut not just to encourage Veganism and help reduce climate change, but also to spread love for all beings, compassion, love for mother nature and a damn good wholesome feed. So when someone actually understands we are in it for love and not money, its like…Yahoooooo! Lets light some fireworks. Actually, many of our customers do understand but perhaps find it difficult to spread the message. Often we get negative reviews, at times one or more staff member have a bad hair day, at times the customer is just effort! So, when the good reviews do come…its like music to our...

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