Vegan Food reduces need for Colonics

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What is a colonic? Colonics have been around for hundreds of years starting in ancient Greece and India.  In the west they became popular in the early 1900’s. Basically its a process, similar to an enema, where water is used to flush out the colon (large intestine). The purpose is to remove toxins held within mucoid plaque which coats the intestine. Colonics is also known as a colon-cleanse, colon irrigation or hydrotherapy or simply colon therapy.   What is the procedure? A tube is inserted into the rectum then water (cold, warm and hot) is gently pumped into the bowel. At times herbs are also added to help with the removal process. Concurrently, a therapist should be massaging the stomach to help break the plaque away from the walls of the intestine, thereby helping with the removal process.   Where can you get one? Melbourne has many clinics, we recommend this health clinic.     What does being Vegan have to do with colonics? When we eat food which is difficult to digest, like meat, our system goes into a state known as autointoxication where mucoid plaque builds up. But if we eat food easy to digest such as fresh vegetables and fruit, then very little is left undigested. A lot of it has to do with the PH of the food we eat, alkaline foods (veggies) are easy to absorb than acidic foods such as meat or diary.   Benefits of Colonics Science has not proven the benefits of colonics, however, practitioners and individuals testify to the numerous benefits they feel.  Relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, less or no headaches, more energy (less fatigue), clear thinking, regular bowel movements, need to eat less food and much more. It depends on the individual to what they experience. Although these claims cannot be proven, a colonic can be considered similar to clearing constipation, which has a long list of disorders associated with it – including those related to the nervous system.   References Veganism Vegan society Colonics...

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Change in opening times

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We have changed our opening hours from 9th March 2013, please see here. We are closing between 2:30pm to 5pm to give staff a break and enabling us to better prepare for our busy dinners. However, if you need to come in during those times just let us know in advance.

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Maz Pugoy of Sadhana Kitchen

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Internationally acclaimed raw living food specialist, Maz Pugoy, owner and founder of Sadhana Kitchen is hosting three exciting and informative raw and organic food workshops in Melbourne over the next month. Located at the Electrolux Cooking School at Queen Victoria Market, right now when you book two tickets, you receive 40% off both tickets! For more information visit her site at...

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Welcome to Loving Hut

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Site still under construction Welcome to Loving Hut Melbourne. This is our second web-site the first being Due to the changes we need to make it was easier to create a separate site as part of a process to improve quality. We are in the midst of uploading high quality photos of all our menu items, so please bear with us until its all completed. Please note, we are open for Christmas and Boxing day. Happy...

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