Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Loving Hut Melbourne website. This page has been written by the webmaster, for information about loving hut please refer to our menu or our front-page. The purpose of this article is just to provide details about the internet technology behind the site.

The Loving Hut website was designed by Awesome Website Design on the Sunshine Coast of Australia; by the chief designer was actually one of our chefs in a previous existence. Left Melbourne for sunnier shores.

The website was written using a modern Word-Press responsive theme. Even though the pages look much bigger than the average site, it is the way of the future. Since there are so many screen sizes now, from 400px to 3000px, web design must cater to all to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Most devices now have higher resolutions, even smart-phones are improving and with the new Retina displays, even higher quality imagery is possible. So, by having a large screen website which automatically scales according to the device we can please all surfers.

The technology behind this website is quite impressive, but most people would not understand. What is important is that it works, looks stylish and loads quickly. Functionality, Content and Responsiveness all go together to provide a look and feel suitable for the business. For more information about web design, please contact our web developers. Their catch phrase is “Our web design services provide a turnkey business solution for your project; from design to build to marketing. Our specialisation is getting a site functional, competitive and stylish and up as quick as possible and as affordable as possible”.

The beauty about this site lies in its core framework known as the WordPress Content Management System. Basically, it allows us to change the site, add content and media without programming skills. Also, WordPress is renowned as the best blog CMS in the market place.

So if you are vegan, or even if you are not. Check out awesome website design, they are vegan friendly….and have the integrity you won’t find in most place.